clearbabyBrainKiss Approach

BrainKiss ®, our unique, proven approach to deeply bonding with your newborn, will enable you to give your baby what she needs and prevent common frustrations and discomfort. Brain-Kiss ® promotes optimal emotional, social and brain development in a pleasurable, natural way.

BrainKiss ® is based on an understanding that we are social beings from birth, born with a deep native intelligence, a bodily sense of self-connection. We believe babies develop from being truly seen for who they are: intelligent, conscious, alive.

We are rediscovering what some early cultures knew: that newborns share distinct, universal preferences which they clearly communicate. With our mentoring you will gain “newborn fluency” – the ability to understand your newborn and respond skillfully. Recent neuroscience confirms the importance of maternal-infant bonding results in lifelong mental health.

You are literally forming and nourishing your baby’s brain – and future – through these early experiences!


Postpartum Doula Services

In sessions tailored to your needs, we will mentor & assist you so you can restfully, confidently enjoy the first weeks of life with your newborn. Here are some of the many areas in which we offer support:

  • Newborn Fluency: Discover your baby’s subtle cues and how to respond to his requests. Learn positions newborns enjoy that support digestion, overall newborn comfort, transition to sleep and get help identifying potential problems.
  • Breastfeeding: Learn positions supporting effective latch-on, course feeding, burping breathers, signs of satiety, accommodating rapid flow, optimizing supply and help with pumping as needed.
  • Partner Mentoring: Partners become skilled in comfort positions for soothing, burping, settling baby, tips to best support breastfeeding and pleasurably paced bottle
    feeding for bonding and digestive comfort.
  • Colic / Reflux Prevention: Most newborn tears are preventable! We teach the art of newborn soothing, how to relieve reflux, relieve and prevent newborn crying spells and fussiness.
  • Spelling Mom: We will take care of your baby so you can shower, return calls/email, nap worry free, enjoy a meal without interruption, have quality time with other children or enjoy a date with your partner!
  • Household help, meal preparation, sibling care, baby-wearing, infant potty practice, extensive parenting resources and referrals, holistic health & nutrition support.

Postpartum support is tailored to your needs. We offer weekly, daily, nighttime and stand-alone sessions.